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II About Me II

★19 ★26.4.1995 ★Australia ★Single ★Bogan

G| Taz by Cakeindafridge

My name is Tahlia and I'm an 19 year old girl from Australia. I'm very friendly, generally happy and down to earth, I'm a little shy in person but I'll warm up to anyone! I love making friends, so feel free to drop in a message for a chat <3

I have a passion for art; feel free to browse through my gallery and tell me what you think!

I love music, movies & TV shows. I'll listen to anything but my favourite genre's are classic rock, hard rock, metal and folk/southern rock; my favourite band is Aerosmith and my favourite musician is John Fogerty. My favourite movie is Shutter Island and my favourite TV series are Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Metalocalypse, Boardwalk Empire, Bates Motel & Wentworth.

Thank you in advance for any comments, favourites, watches, llamas and overall appreciation for my artwork!

I post Speedpaint videos, check them out at my YouTube channel!

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∥Cold Death ∥

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a beautiful thing made for me

∥Oh Death∥

by DarkBroodingVillain

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Commission prices here:…

Serphire by Sweet-Marine Taz by Sweet-Marine

:skullbones:Art Trades//Closed!


To-do List:

:bulletblack:Gift for pagan-fox// 0%
:bulletblack:Gift for Redisher// 20%
:bulletblack:Gift for The-Devine-Rat// 20%
:bulletblack:Gift for Trooper18// 0%


:bulletblack:King-Kode// 90% (paid)

Art Trades:
:bulletblack:Zarkayrin// 50%
:bulletblack:Wilkart// 70%
:bulletblack:Nuklear-Bunnies// 10%

:bulletblack:SickBites// 70%

Speedpaint Videos:
:bulletblack:Sharkfu// 20%
:bulletblack:King-Kode// 0%

SLOTS OPENING SOON! Keep an eye out!

Character References

Serphire Taz Nero Layla Maylene
*NEW 2014 references coming soon!


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another beautiful thing made for me

∥Bro Dogs∥

by SickBites

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i'm done

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:heart:Leonardo DiCaprio Stamp by Serphire:heart:Robot Unicorn Attack Stamp by Gokulover4ever:heart:I love Rhodesian Ridgebacks by WishmasterAlchemist:heart:SONS stamp by Sara-Devestation:heart:chibs stamp by Sara-Devestation:heart:jax stamp by Sara-Devestation:heart:Tig stamp by Sara-Devestation:heart:Opie stamp by Sara-Devestation:heart:gemma stamp by Sara-Devestation:heart:juice stamp version two by Sara-Devestation:heart:bobby elvis stamp by Sara-Devestation:heart:Supernatural stamp by kshapiro:heart:Dean - stamp X by Flaminia:heart:Sammy - stamp III by Flaminia:heart:Bobby says yer an Idgit by ElStamporoonios:heart:Castiel - stamp XVII by Flaminia:heart:Crowley - stamp II by Flaminia:heart:Metallicar - stamp II by Flaminia:heart:Ash - stamp II by Flaminia:heart:Iron Maiden Stamp by Kezzi-Rose:heart:Jack Nicholson stamp by Jakuz-Stampz:heart:pickles stamp. by Teffie:heart:Metalocalypse Stamp I by darkdisciple-stamps:heart:I'm A Jason Junkie by PsychoSlaughterman:heart:He's A Pirate by azianwolfdoll:heart:
:icongonnaloveplz::iconmynutsplz::heart:The Walking Dead - Shut up. by XionStamps:heart:Team Daryl Stamp by SGStamps:heart:.: Daryl :. by ZombiMandi:heart:One Hit by XionStamps:heart:Daryl Dixon Stamp by XionStamps:heart:I love Saltwater Crocodiles by WishmasterAlchemist:heart:I love Crocodiles by WishmasterAlchemist:heart:I'm a crocodile lover by pjuk:heart:Stamp: Aerosmith by no-more-refills:heart:Aerosmith Animated Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman:heart:Alice Cooper Stamp 4 by dA--bogeyman


The Reckoning by Serphire
The Reckoning
Collaboration with Luwkie!
DSDF,DSJFHSDFH GUYS look at her beautiful shading
like come on
why is it so fucking beautiful help

collab between my and my brooooo Luwkie <3 The boy on the left is her character Reyaqe, and the dark one on the right is my boyo Cutlass
look at these dawgs on a mission
fdgjdfskgdfrgj I loooove how this came out, I love love LOVE how realistic these two look, it's a bit of a new style for me, since I don't do much realistic rendering, but that's the beauty of a collab, it came out AMAZING
like the details in these guys and the drool and fur and everything damnit I just want to admire this shading forever help

Sketch and BG were by me
Colours and perfect 10/10 shading done by Luwkie <3

Hope y'all like it!

Reyaqe (c) Luwkie
Cutlass (c) Serphire
Art (c) Both of us 2015
Okay so I'm sick rn and I felt like doing a m eme
I'll get to my messages soon guys <3

stolen from SickBites huehue

dA Username: Serphire
Name: Tahlia
Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: Taz, Tazzie, Tahls, Serph, Serphy, Prowdy (my last name is Prowd), and I have one friend that calls me Tables.
Gender and Pronouns: Female.
Age: 20
Country: Straya m8
Zodiac Sign: Taurus


Number of Past Accounts: 1, althrough I have made a couple in the past, that I have NEVER used. This was my first and only account I'll use.
Number of Past Usernames: On this account? 0
First Username: SURPHURE
Original Join Date: December 23rd, 2008.
Premium Member?: Yah
Watchers: 5,173
Deviations: 546 (not including the shit tonne I have in storage)
Favourites: 9,817


Favourite Digital Art Program: Paint Tool SAI, Photochop CS3                   EDIT: omg I mispelled photoshop but it was too epic to leave out
Favourite Traditional Art Medium: Oil Paint.
Favourite dA Artists: wooah momma too many to name.
Favourite Movies: [internal pressure building] anything with Leonardo DiCaptio tbh
Favourite TV Shows: Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Wentworth, American Horror Story, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Metalocalypse, Vikings, Bates Motel.
Favourite Music Artists/Bands: Aerosmith boiiiiiiii
On another note, I listen to quite literally EVERYTHING of any genre, if anything catches my fancy no matter the genre, it goes into my music collection. I have an ever-growing music collection and I'm always looking for new stuff. It's a mega hard decision but Aerosmith has always been one of my top favourites <3
Fandoms You're Stuck In: Supernatural (although I have a lot of catching up to do), SOA ofc, pretty much any show I love hue


Sexual Orientation: Straight
Religious Affiliation?: I'm not really religious, but if I had to pick one I truly believe in, it would be Wicca.
Pets: Of my own? 1 cat. In the household? That cat and two dogs.
Number of Family Members in Household: All up, [slowly counting] 6.
Scars?: maybe a couple tiny ones here and there, nothing major.
Tattoos?: 1 so far, on my inner forearm. I plan on many more.
Piercings?: Each ear lobe, one helix, and monroe (upper left lip).
Alcohol?: If I'm at a party or clubbing, hell ya.
Drugs?: In all honesty...If you count weed as a drug, yeah I guess. (not anymore)
Height: Around 5'5"
Weight: Atm, 90kg, I'm currently on a weight loss plan tho, I hate being a tubby


Digital or Traditional?: Both, but I mainly do digital work.
Beach or Mountains?: Both, I love the open sun, and I love some secluded nature too.
Dolphins or Sharks?: Sharks son
Would you rather fight 100 third graders one at a time or 50 all at once?: Beating a kid on it's own doesn't feel right, so 50 all at once. Go hard or go home sucka
On sunny days, you: Go outside more often, play with animals and things like that.
On rainy days, you: Stay inside and admire the pretty rain <3
On hot days, you: Sit in front of an air con half naked? Y'all don't realise how brutal Aussie summer is
On cold days, you: Keep cozy and watch movays


1. I want a motorcycle and a licence to ride, bad.
2. I am a highschool dropout, but soon studying science, to work up to forensics.
3. I would love to collect oddities, like skulls/bones, taxidermy and vintage medical things.
4. I fucking love beef jerky.
5. I smoke cigarettes, but not many people know it. I guess you do now.
6. I love making up my own stories, but never get around to writing them.
7. I've been so drunk I've passed out on my own vomit. Then vomited on myself again.
8. I've been catfished before.
9. I suffer anxiety, and some form of OCD.
10. I really need to put my cat on a diet.


How many OCs do you have? Too many to keep track of, a lot of them aren't even featured in my gallery.
What fandom do most of them belong to?: Most of them don't belong to any fandom, but I have some in fandoms like SoA and the Walking Dead.
Which one is your favourite ?: It's a tough tie between Serph, (I don't really count my sona as an "OC"), Jesse, Crowley, Walker and my human OC Dallas.
Which one do you draw the most?: I don't really draw my OC's that much, but I'd have to say Serph has been the most drawn out of all of them.
Do you commission work of them?: If I have the money/points, yas.
Do you request work of them?: Not unless I'm doing a trade with someone.
Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own?: Some, yee
Do you roleplay with them?: Maybe like one of them lol
Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance?: Despite wanting to make ALL OF THEM REAL, I'd have to say Serph, he'd be my home boy.

lol fuck tagging srsly

-Serph <3
Black Sheep by Serphire
Black Sheep
Contest Entry for AppyNinja!
Contest info here:  - Canine Contest 2015 [OPEN!] - 3 days left!:new::new::new: DEADLINE EXTENDED! 7th June 23:00 Slovenian time (Middle Europe)

Only 3 days left until the deadline!! Please get your entries done!
We have 23 entries, but 39 participants, so I'm bit disappointed. :c
btw: I love the entries! Everyone did great so far. :aww:
Don't forget that you can win extra points that gives you more chance to win, if you describe how the song inspire you, or if you write a little story about the drawing. ;)
:new::new:We have now more judges!
They will help me with the judging, because all your entries are so cool and it's impossible for me to do it all by myself.
:new: NEW SONGS AND MORE OPTIONS!! Please take a look!
This contest has now 39 participants - pretty amazing, huh? 
Because of this, I thought it would be better to give you more songs and even a new character for selection.
For more informations look under "Songs". If

Beware, beware, be skeptical
Of their smiles, their smiles of plated gold
Deceit so natural
But a wolf in sheep's clothing is more than a warning
Bah-bah-black sheep, have you any soul?
No sir, by the way, what the hell are morals?

dsfnasdkfnasdkfjn I tried so hard to make this in before the deadline, I know I was supposed to be working on other things but I srsly pumped this one out pretty quick. Plus I'm almost done with commissions and such so I'm excited to post them ones up for y'all.

Anyway, for my entry I went with the song "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing", I had this song on repeat like almost throughout the whole drawing process, I've been listening to nightcore and Set it Off nonstop,  I'd never heard this song before and I just fell in love with it dfhgbsdjf
not to mention, I thought it was absolutely PERFECT for this character and his personal story.
From what I could gather from the song, it described a sneaky and almost sadistic person, stalking his "friends" as prey. I wanted to capture Akaya in motion after killing one of his apparent "pack members". In other words, a member of a group he pretended to be loyal to in order to take them out at the given chance; the evil one of the group, the "black sheep".

To be honest, I'm not too happy with how this came out, I don't like how I've drawn the character at all XD I could have done justice to his breed and anatomy a whole lot better, I guess I've tried to make something half decent out of a recent art block I'm having I think >.< But anyway, I hope the concept itself does at least represent the character is some way XD
I wanted to show him in a gory scene, killing, blood, aaaall that lovely jazz. With a few of his actual members standing back in the background. I tried to capture a motion in his pose (emphasis on "tried"), but it juuuust did not come out how I had imagined it. I used very, very little reference for the characters in this piece, and I think it shows XD

But anyway, I apologize for the somewhat short description, I had planned to write something better, but my tired brain is fried of a worthy description XD It's super early in the morning/middle of the night and I just wanted to at least get this submitted before the deadline :P

All the entries for this contest are absolutely freaking stunning and honestly this is ooooone tough bunch of contestants to go up against, so many amaaaazing entries ;-; <33 it makes me want to hold a contest again. I came across this one and it just seemed like too much fun to not enter it, and this certainly was fun! I had a looot of fun drawing this character and drawing something bloody and gross again, I feel like it's been forever since I've done a nice gory piece, and this one isn't even THAT gory, really.

Anyway, I really hope you all enjoy this!

(also, forgot to mention, super lazy background done with the help of these beautiful brushes by Vesner: lazy brush set by vesner

Akaya (c) AppyNinja
Art (c) Serphire 2015.


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/is a loser

What do you think is a reasonable price for unique adoptables? 

98 deviants said $10
76 deviants said $5
64 deviants said $15
49 deviants said $3
44 deviants said $20
28 deviants said $30+


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Occulus by BleuHunter1

He is now in my Halo RP ~ 
Thought I would show you him and the small details I changed :> 
Also tried to sketch him much like he was already~~ :heart:
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Tahlia is smokin hot and I love her with my heart and soul tbhhh
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I am amazed how well you can draw, and how wonderful it looks when you finish!~
I am only 13, so many people will not listen to me when I say that your art is magnificent!~
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I need to draw more fanart of Walker
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