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Quick stream! Working on some comms/trades/gifts
Hey guys! I know I have been crazy inactive here for a while, I've been caught up with things in life that have kind of had effect on my art - I haven't had a lot of time and motivation/inspiration to produce postworthy art. There's no particular reason really, just been caught up in study, work and other things! I feel like I'm in a busy rut at the moment, but I'm getting closer to achieving things like finishing my course studies! Which means I'll have much more time and a clearer headspace to do more art! I'm still not quite there yet, but I am working on getting back on track here soon and setting up my page nicely! I also want to make use of my other, newer account that I haven't posted to yet, but I have plans for it! I could go on forever, but just know that I'm working things out and working my way to becoming more active on here and improving myself as an artist. I miss you guys, and have big plans for the future in this new year! I hope your Christmas and New Years was amazing and I will everyone the best for your journeys ahead!

PLEASE NOTE: Even though I am not currently active much on here, that does not mean I'm not active at all on the net! I am MUCH more active to Twitter now, I use it everyday and post/retweet things almost every day, so follow me on there! I may not post a LOT of art besides sketches and WIP's for now, but as I said above, I'm working towards producing more full artworks.
Follow me if you have Twitter!

My username is Serphire, look for "dragon daddy" and all the Hanzo/OVW memes
I got into Overwatch guys and it's taKING OVER ME

-Serph <3
Streaming with my hoe Zhaurr!
Working on an art trade!
Mic + faint music on my end! Just music on her end~ or
Come watch, listen and enjoy!

-Serph <3
Quick shoutout that Anti-Dark-Heart is doing a free Halloween YCH raffle! Go check it out!
FREE YCH Raffle by Anti-Dark-Heart
Working on some new adoptables!

Thanks to those who came to watch! I may be back for another stream later today or later this week!

-Serph <3
Working on a commission! Then possibly some halloween art :o
Mic OFF, Music ON

Come join!

Stream offline! Thanks to those who came along!
long time no...activity?
yeah..I've been really really slack with DeviantART lately guys, not just DA, but anything online, save for a tweet here or there (shh here's my twitter)

So I owe it to you guys to give you a reason and an update for why I've been so horribly inactive here,
I now have a job at a childcare centre, where I work most days of the week, the only other day of the week I have class. I've been studying for my job and it's taken up a huge chunk of my time. I have endless homework to do, and on top of it all I've just been really struggling with art. I can't even explain why I have been struggling with it.. I guess I've been feeling really unmotivated and I'm getting really bored of where I am with it, I reaalllyy want to branch out and try some new things with art, but I don't know what? I dunno, I have plans to get my youtube up and running again to post more videos, I would like to experiment with different styles and subject matter, and I'd love to be open more to do commissions and trades with you guys! I'd love to also give you guys more opportunity to get art from me through contests, raffles and such like that. Buuuuut I need more time first.

I have literally 1 commission left to complete (and the commissioner has been waiting FOREVER for it, gosh I am SO sorry, I feel awful ;-;) and I'm free to do more stuff. I think I might take a break after this last commission and work on some more personal art. I have a ton of characters to do refs for, and a ton of characters to sell and give away. I have tons of planned adopts and old YCH sketches laying around from ages ago that I should finish. All I can say for now, is bare with me guys. I don't know how long I'll be inactive for, I've been working on planning my week better so I allow myself more time for art. I've also planned to do livestreams again every Friday and Saturday night. I owe it to you guys to gice back to you and be more active, y'all have been so SO patient with me on here and I am to grateful. Thank you <3

In the mean time, I will be slowly working towards catching up to date and getting things rolling again. At times like these I tend to shut myself away from everything, so that explains why I also have barely spoken to many of you on here, even on skype. It's not that I'm ignoring you guys, I just kind of get flustered amongst everything I'm stuck in, and hide myself away, haha :')

So again, so sorry for the inactivity guys. Thank you all for being so patient with me, I love you all <3

-Serph <3

tl;dr Taz is being a lazy fuck and apologizes for it for the 100435th time
Hey y'all!
SO I should have posted this already, but for the past week I haven't been able to do ANY digital art whatsoever, which suuucks lemme tell ya, I'm having art withdrawals already, I'm limited to my sketchbooks for now XD
SO I've had this tablet since 2010, and I've never had an issue with it. It's a Hanvon Graphicpal, and as old and bulky as it is, it's a pretty bullet-proof tablet to be honest, it's done me good for the past 6 years. Unfortunately my tablet pen no longer works however, my little sister likes to play with the pen, and managed to snap half of the nib off, leaving the other half stuck INSIDE the pen, and nothing will get it out. Unfortunately the pen doesn't come apart either, and it's pretty much just thin plastic, so the only way to get it out is to literally shatter the pen lmao
SO DUMB OLD ME I thought I'd try to break off the end of another nib, and glue it into the pen so I could still use it. I thought it was a fucking genius plan BUT NOPE it fucked up the pen pressure and now the pen is pretty much useless. I can't draw at all with it, so that's the end of this tablet. LUCKILY I've been saving to buy a new tablet anyway, since I couldn't use the old one on my laptop due to it being incompatible with windows 8. I'll be getting a Wacom tablet, but I can't afford it until next week most likely. SO UNTIL THEN, I apologise for the lack of art. I will be uploading some stuff I'd finished a couple weeks ago that's still sitting on my PC, and selling off some adopts that also have been sitting there. I haven't finished any full sets of adopts yet, but I have a few finished designs up for sale that will go towards a new tablet. I just need to save a little extra to get it.

SO go check it out and lemme know in the comments if you'd like to purchase. Any donations are very much appreciated, but I normally don't ever ask XD I guess I'm just the type to earn money, I always feel bad taking money from people >.<
I also apologise if I owe you art! I promise as soon as I get the new tablet, I'll be finishing up all my owed works ASAP! Thanks for being so patient!

Sorry for it still being empty over there, expect art on there soon! I'm excited to post human art, monsters & fanart to that account! I'M ALSO EXCITED TO LIVESTREAM AGAIN HOPEFULLY it will work a lot smoother on my laptop, my desktop is a piece of shieeettt

Hope you're all well!
-Serph <3
(I was meant to upload this on the day but got lazy lmao)
I'm 21 finally and rly excited about it
I mean 18 is the legal age here but y'know I'm an adult n shit now who's actually unsuccessful in life rn /sobs
but hEY happy birthday to me I guess

Happy Early B-Day Taz by BloodyMoonDust Gift: In my arms she dies. by GRAYH0UND His inferno by Luwkie<da:thumb id="603709687"/>

oKAY secondly, I'm not getting rid of this account, don't worry, this will still be my main account, but I've decided to make a second account for just idk personal art, human art, story art, fan art, shit like that
I just idk, feel like kind of a change from animal/furry art, but I don't want to stop drawing that kind of stuff at the same time??
Lately (and by that I mean the last couple years) art has been no where near as enjoyable as what it used to be for me. I don't know what it is, but lately I just haven't felt really in my elements with drawing this particular subject matter. I still love having my animal/anthro characters, and that's what I'm known for I guess, but I just feel a need to branch out and try something new?
I LOVE drawing humans, monsters, scary stuff and fan art for movies/shows I love too, but I don't really post any of that on here anymore. Most of my gallery now is trades/collabs and commissions, and tbh I can't rememebr the last time I've completed a full piece for myself. Most of my personal art gets stashed away on my computer and I never upload it, because most of the time it sits there unfinished. I'm not complaining or anything, I seriously enjoy doing work for other people, but maybe I should do something with all this personal art? I guess I also just want to feel what's like to have a new account with a new username, and entirely new subject matter in my gallery.
I dunno, I'll give it a shot. Like I said, still keeping everything as is on this account, I'm not getting rid of anything, just a second account for more personal stuff! :)


AND LASTLY, current art status, because I've been SUPER SLOW WITH GETTING THINGS DONE I'M SO SORRY
I have a new teacher for my childcare course and she's been GRILLING ME like crazy to finish all my assessments asap, so I've been super busy lately with trying to get those done, as well as work placement 2 days a week which is already more exhausting than it sounds. My back and feet are killing me but the children are so adorable ksjnksjfn

anyway, here goes, if you're on here I APOLOGIZE sincerely for how slow I've been, but I'm working on getting these done when I can ;-; <3

mambernb14 shading,BG
:devaciviiks: Sketched

Wilkart Art trade
Mr-SKID YCH commission

tl;dr: it my birthday, made a second acc. and things I still need to draw

Thanks again guys, hope you are all well! 
~Serph <3
Oh my gosh I'm so honored
can I just take a moment to express how much I appreciate everyone on this site. I've made so many friends since joining here, and it's amazing to just receive uplifting comments every day and to hear how much you guys like my work
y'all just make my heart flutter ;-; Thank you all so, so much for keeping me on this site and being my true art family <3

I just
can't deal rn aaAAA???!

-Serph <333333333
EDIT: WOW those first 5 spots went faster than I thought! Thanks heaps guys! Keep an eye out for when slots open next!

Hey y'all!
So it's my birthday in April and I'll be 21 wtf
So this year I really just wanna go out somewhere and get totally fucked up okayConga
and to do that I need $$$ and since I don't have a j.o.b rn I might as well start saving my dollars through comms <3
I've been a bit all over the place with finishing up art and doing course work, so all background commissions are closed for now, so I can get through as many small comms as I can.

check it below for commission prices VVVVVV
Again, all background commissions are CLOSED FOR NOW. Along with complex references, basically anything super time consuming. IF however you want a lil sumthin sumthin in the BG, like a flat colour, gradient, or some pretty photoshop brush patterns or whatev in the BG that's cool B)


Head/Bust: $7
Half Body(or thigh-up): $10
Full Body: $15
+$7 for colours & simple shading added to sketches! Examples = Drayck [Kiri]Matt [Kiri]
Examples = Geometric Comm 2Reamus Sketch

Head/Bust: $12
Half Body: $15
Full Body: $20
Examples = Midnight303 Comm WIP ,Lineart

Head/Bust: $15
Half Body: $20
Full Body: $25
Alaska [CM]

  Head/Bust: $25
  Half Body: $30
  Full Body: $35
Examples=Serene [CM]happy squish
  Head/Bust: $30
  Half Body: $35
  Full Body: $40
Examples = Hell's AngelLester [AT]Special

Basic: $20-$30 Example = SOLD,Marz Temp Reference 2015-2016
Simple: $40-$60 Example =(excuse the rly old example, these will look more updated, but basically include full body, headshot and eye refs) Nero Reference Sheet 2013.

Feral: $15-$25
Human/Anthro: $25-35

Speedpaint Videos are closed as I only do those for BG pieces.

PRICES ARE CHEAP Semmy Stahp  BUT WILL PROBS INCREASE LATE THIS YEARSam Crying  so like idk get in while you can lmao

5 slots at a time as always, once those 5 are done, they will open again. I may open more as I go depending on how much I feel I can take on. ONE commission per person, please~

PLEASE NOTE ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE A COMMISSION. Please don't be disappointed if you miss out :') There will be more slots opening, I will not hold you a spot in the future as it would not be fair to everyone, I can however send out a group note for a heads up when they are open next.
Please do not order unless you can send payment asap.
AUD please!

PLZ GIVE ME MONEY SO I CAN GET DRUNK ON MY B-DAY AND DO STUPID SHIT I will love you for eternity you precious souls <3

Hey guys!
So I know I've been away since before Christmas last year, but I'm back!
Over the Christmas period, My mum, siblings and I moved states, we moved from Melbourne, Victoria to the Gold Coast in Queensland. We drove the whole way, it took two days to get here, but it was one hell of a road trip. We drove about 14 hours straight the first day, and 5 hours the next. We stayed in a crappy motel in between, seriously now I know how the Winchesters feel wow

But anyway, we're finally living here now and it's so beautiful here in the Gold Coast it's so sunny and hot here and I'm so happy ;-;
I STILL haven't finished Christmas gifts, but don't think I've forgotten about them, I just have a lot of people to draw for but I will for sure be doing bulk gifts okay
I also have a big personal piece I'm almost done with and a video to go along with it, as well as finished commissions coming and references for all my characters! Commissions are still closed until I can get everything done, I just want to take a little time to get through some character references and I'll be opening them again! I may even take on some small comms here and there in the meantime.

Other than that, I hope all of you guys had a safe and fantastic Christmas and New Years, and thank you all for being so kind and patient with me! <3

-Serph <3
Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted a bit of an update on here. But I just wanted to let y'all know I won't be here posting anything or being really active over the Christmas/New Year period. We're moving interstate, and we leave on the 26th, and since we're driving there, it will take us 2-3 days to get there, plus moving everything in and such. Because this is all happening so soon, and I've been so busy lately with house things and catching up with family here, I just haven't had enough time to do Christmas gift art. I've started doing them a couple days ago, but I have so many friends to draw for, I just won't have anything done before then, since I have to pack away my desktop computer, which I use to draw on.
Which means sadly, I'll have to finish the and post them after the New Year, in early January. Christmas has been awful so far with us, so many people to buy gifts for, and not enough money :( We're almost flat broke because of moving, and I really, really can't wait until it's over.

But besides that, I'm so excited to move! I've lived in Victoria all my life, and FINALLY moving out of this damn place to Queensland, a state I've always loved. This has honestly been an awful year; past two years actually, and things are finally starting to move forward for us. I'm so happy and excited for a fresh start :)

As for art plans next year, I must say, 2015 has been the worst year by far with art. I really haven't posted much, and haven't really finished any full pieces. I've done barely any personal art and projects for myself, and I miss drawing my characters and bringing their stories to life. This year I've been so down and lacking in motivation and inspiration to draw, I was almost on the verge of giving up for a while. Personally, I could never quit art, and I'm glad I pushed through possibly the worst art block EVER. I grew to hate almost everything I drew. I don't like my art style, I'm frustrated with my methods, and I'm disappointed in my skill level. I think I've come to realize that maybe I need a fresh start with art as well. Work on more of a solid style (rather than just kind of 'winging it' and seeing how the style comes out), practice and study more on my weak points (anatomy, expressions, backgrounds, textures etc.), and just overall sketch and sketch. I think I just need to put the mileage on the pencil (or digital pen lmao) and just get that practice in. I think I need to just sketch things out and not focus too hard on trying to perfect it.
Hopefully things will turn out better. I plan on doing more personal art, actually STARTING projects, like a comic, and taking a lot more commissions. I look forward to sharing new art in the new year <3

I think that's pretty much everything for now. If any of you need to contact me, just shoot me a note on here (I can still check them on my phone) or send me a message on Skype or Facebook if you have me on there.

I hope you guys have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year! <333333333
-Serph <3 
Check them out!
SOLD by Serphire

Halloween Horror Hounds // CLOSED // ALL SOLD! by Serphire
EDIT: Slots have been filled! Commissions are closed for now. They will re-open once I've finished this lot! Keep an eye out for the next batch!

Hey guys! Sorry again for being so inactive lately, but I'm back! And I made a new Furaffinity account! Go check it out!…


Price sheet:…

Commissions are officially open again guys! I haven’t taken commissions in a LONG time, it’s been a slow year for me with art, but I’ve recently caught up to date with owed art (except for a few personal things and like 1 art trade), and I feel I’m ready to take on commissions again!
Since my family and I are moving interstate hopefully by the end of the year/very start of next year, we need to raise up as much money as we can to afford to move. Since I don’t have a job currently, I’m doing my part to save up as much as I can with commissions to help go towards it. Any little bit counts!
I’ll be working this like I always have; taking on 5 slots at a time. This helps me not take on more than I can handle. Since I am quite a slow worker with art (I like to take my time and patience), I’m only taking on this many at a time, once I have completed the first 5 slots, I will open a new batch.

NOTE: Since I would like to get through as many commissions as I can for now, I am NOT opening any background commissions. So no fully rendered/BG pieces for now. Once I get through a few smaller commissions, I will possibly open a couple slots for full BG comms. I am only doing character commissions for now, but if you would like a very simple background (like a flat colour, or texture background, I really hate doing transparent BG’s now) I can do that for you for no extra cost :)
Also please note, speedpaint videos are currently unavailable to order, since I am having issues with Hypercam not working. Until I can get the program to work again, or find another program to work, I won’t be able to make any videos for the time being unfortunately. I CAN however still livestream my commissions, which I plan on doing anyway :)

Anyway, these prices are for Full body only, anthros and humans are a little higher due to them being more detailed and taking longer to work on. Full prices are as follows:
(prices are feral/anthro- for example, $15/$20 = $15 for feral, $20 for anthro and humans)
Head/bust: $$5/$7
Half body: $7/$10
Full Body: $10/15

Head/bust: $10/$12
Half body: $12/$15
Full Body: $15/$20

Head/bust: $13/$15
Half body: $15/$20
Full Body: $20/$25

Head/bust: $20/$25
Half body: $25/$30
Full Body: $30/$35

Head/bust: $25/$30
Half body: $30/$35
Full Body: $40/$45

Simple: $40/$60
Complex: $60/$80

$15-$25/$20-$30(depending on complexity)

Please let me know in which style you would like for lines:
STYLE 1: Thin-average thickness, no blocky shading, more details.
STYLE 2: Thick lines, some block shading, cartoony/comic style.

Please let me know in which style you would like me to do for shading:
CELL: All hard edges for a more cartoony style.
SOFT: No hard edges, all soft and realistic. [excuse the unfinished example]
MIXED: My usual method of shading, a combination of cell shading with soft shadows/blurred edges.
PAINTED: Lineless, one layer painting. [CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE]

TO REQUEST A SLOT: You MUST pay upfront once you have filled a slot, please wait for my response before payment, I will give you details. I will only accept deposit & payment plan for larger commissions (BG pieces). PAYPAL ONLY IN AUD (Australian Dollars)

1.PaleLillyIllustration @ FA x 2
2.Asher-the-Firefox @ FA
3.Zarkayrin x 3
4.xXRedSageXx @ FA
[taking on just one more, as two people have requested more than one commission]

Thank you in advance to anyone who commissions me! It really means a lot! <3
-Serph / Taz <3
::Offline now guys, thanks to those who came to watch! I'll do another stream again soon :)

:: First of all, sorry I haven't posted much art lately guys, but I will be uploading some things very soon, I just have some videos to edit for Youtube (yas more speepdaints <3) and once they're done, I'll be uploading everything! Sorry to keep y'all waiting </3

Anyway, I'm streaming some personal art! Unfortunately I won't be working on owed things during this stream as I work on that stuff in my own time, purely because I need to record them with Hypercam to make videos. I can't run both programs and I don't really like to use livestream footage. Anyway, I haven't really drawn anything for myself in quite a while, so I'm taking a little break and doing something for me :)

Hope y'all can come watch <3
Not sure how long I'll be streaming for, I don't normally stream during daytime.

-Serph <3
SO I finally jumped on the bandwagon and made a Picarto T-T
I havent had a chance lately to go through messages and such, but I'm going to throw in a quick stream tonight before I go to bed
I really need to work on things /screams

I'll get back to your messages shortly guys! Thank you for being patient with my lazy ass <3


Come watch, chat, listen & enjoy!
Trying to finish off a comm for KingMonsterBear

-Serph <3
Okay so I'm sick rn and I felt like doing a m eme
I'll get to my messages soon guys <3

stolen from xAcidicCanine huehue

dA Username: Serphire
Name: Tahlia
Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: Taz, Tazzie, Tahls, Serph, Serphy, Prowdy (my last name is Prowd), and I have one friend that calls me Tables.
Gender and Pronouns: Female.
Age: 20
Country: Straya m8
Zodiac Sign: Taurus


Number of Past Accounts: 1, althrough I have made a couple in the past, that I have NEVER used. This was my first and only account I'll use.
Number of Past Usernames: On this account? 0
First Username: SURPHURE
Original Join Date: December 23rd, 2008.
Premium Member?: Yah
Watchers: 5,173
Deviations: 546 (not including the shit tonne I have in storage)
Favourites: 9,817


Favourite Digital Art Program: Paint Tool SAI, Photochop CS3                   EDIT: omg I mispelled photoshop but it was too epic to leave out
Favourite Traditional Art Medium: Oil Paint.
Favourite dA Artists: wooah momma too many to name.
Favourite Movies: [internal pressure building] anything with Leonardo DiCaptio tbh
Favourite TV Shows: Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Wentworth, American Horror Story, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Metalocalypse, Vikings, Bates Motel.
Favourite Music Artists/Bands: Aerosmith boiiiiiiii
On another note, I listen to quite literally EVERYTHING of any genre, if anything catches my fancy no matter the genre, it goes into my music collection. I have an ever-growing music collection and I'm always looking for new stuff. It's a mega hard decision but Aerosmith has always been one of my top favourites <3
Fandoms You're Stuck In: Supernatural (although I have a lot of catching up to do), SOA ofc, pretty much any show I love hue


Sexual Orientation: Straight
Religious Affiliation?: I'm not really religious, but if I had to pick one I truly believe in, it would be Wicca.
Pets: Of my own? 1 cat. In the household? That cat and two dogs.
Number of Family Members in Household: All up, [slowly counting] 6.
Scars?: maybe a couple tiny ones here and there, nothing major.
Tattoos?: 1 so far, on my inner forearm. I plan on many more.
Piercings?: Each ear lobe, one helix, and monroe (upper left lip).
Alcohol?: If I'm at a party or clubbing, hell ya.
Drugs?: In all honesty...If you count weed as a drug, yeah I guess. (not anymore)
Height: Around 5'5"
Weight: Atm, 90kg, I'm currently on a weight loss plan tho, I hate being a tubby


Digital or Traditional?: Both, but I mainly do digital work.
Beach or Mountains?: Both, I love the open sun, and I love some secluded nature too.
Dolphins or Sharks?: Sharks son
Would you rather fight 100 third graders one at a time or 50 all at once?: Beating a kid on it's own doesn't feel right, so 50 all at once. Go hard or go home sucka
On sunny days, you: Go outside more often, play with animals and things like that.
On rainy days, you: Stay inside and admire the pretty rain <3
On hot days, you: Sit in front of an air con half naked? Y'all don't realise how brutal Aussie summer is
On cold days, you: Keep cozy and watch movays


1. I want a motorcycle and a licence to ride, bad.
2. I am a highschool dropout, but soon studying science, to work up to forensics.
3. I would love to collect oddities, like skulls/bones, taxidermy and vintage medical things.
4. I fucking love beef jerky.
5. I smoke cigarettes, but not many people know it. I guess you do now.
6. I love making up my own stories, but never get around to writing them.
7. I've been so drunk I've passed out on my own vomit. Then vomited on myself again.
8. I've been catfished before.
9. I suffer anxiety, and some form of OCD.
10. I really need to put my cat on a diet.


How many OCs do you have? Too many to keep track of, a lot of them aren't even featured in my gallery.
What fandom do most of them belong to?: Most of them don't belong to any fandom, but I have some in fandoms like SoA and the Walking Dead.
Which one is your favourite ?: It's a tough tie between Serph, (I don't really count my sona as an "OC"), Jesse, Crowley, Walker and my human OC Dallas.
Which one do you draw the most?: I don't really draw my OC's that much, but I'd have to say Serph has been the most drawn out of all of them.
Do you commission work of them?: If I have the money/points, yas.
Do you request work of them?: Not unless I'm doing a trade with someone.
Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own?: Some, yee
Do you roleplay with them?: Maybe like one of them lol
Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance?: Despite wanting to make ALL OF THEM REAL, I'd have to say Serph, he'd be my home boy.

lol fuck tagging srsly

-Serph <3
Painting a thing ;;
I'll be working on commissions outside of streaming due to having to record them for a video, sorry guys!  I can't run both programs at once, my computer would have a heart attack.
Someone's birthday is coming up and I'm working on something for them <3 Also maybe continuing work on some belated gifts as well.
Not sure how long I'll stream for, I just hope y'all aren't sleeping at this hour XD

Come watch, chat, listen & enjoy!

-Serph <3